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Daria Khozhai


Artist and Architect with a background in Fine Art (Kyiv Academy of Visual Arts) and Sustainable Architecture (Politecnico di Milano). 

For the past 5 years, I have been developing a situation-specific approach by making large-scale art installations as part of a core team at RAAAF.


Simultaneously, I have been working as an Embedded architect in a philosophical project at the AMC (Amsterdam Medical Centre), Department of Philosophy/Brain & Cognition. That led me to start a self-initiated philosophical research on Multidirectional Memory (simultaneously the individual/ embodied and the collective/ social) as a source of identity formation and powerful ability to build new worlds out of the materials of older ones.


A teacher at the Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam. And a guest lecturer worldwide. 


My artistic background led me to fuse an Art methodology, Architecture studies and Memory research  in my own practice. Which I am using  to Recognize and Memorialize the spaces that fading from public memory and imagination.

CV Daria Khozhai [pdf.]

Portfolio Daria Khozhai [pdf.]

James Wattstraat  77
1097 DL Amsterdam

+31 (0) 62 7401931

Instagram: daria.khozhai

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