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Waiting Zone

Waiting zone1.jpg

Airport Waiting Zone, for me, as for a migrant, always had a special romance. An “in-between space” where you are not in a one place yet, but not in another anymore, do not belong to anywhere, absent and misplaced, awaiting. Empowered by imaginations, hopes, desires.


During Pandemic, once the most crowded place in a world became empty of people but full of Drama, Loneliness and Despair, keeping an entire world on hold. The entire world became a one big Waiting Zone.


Walls casts of antibacterial soap. Solidifying the void that surrounds and defines a Lined Through One Seat of Waiting Benches on a safe-distance 1.5 meter from each other. The strong suffocating smell of soap solidifying air in a room, not letting to breath free.


Airport Boryspil 2019

Year: 2021

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